Olana, one of the top historic sites in the United States is simply an unforgettable landmark of the Hudson Valley and New York State. Opened in 1872 by American painter Frederic Church, who was a student of the Hudson River School; and studied under fellow famed American painter Thomas Cole. The association with Olana began as a way for David to become a part of the Hudson Valley community but quickly became a passion of David's. He felt compelled to contribute all that he could to this amazing landmark. Beginning first with Olana Bench No. 1 at a small charity auction for Olana. Proceeding onto Olana Bench. No 2. The purpose of the Olana benches are to accurately depict wildlife in the Hudson Valley, while also incorporating Frederic Church's distinguishable style. The shapes of the benches are very much modeled after Church's own bench designs. Olana Bench No. 2 features David's signature frogs, turtles, lilypads, birds, iris'and tiger lilly. 

David was honored when he was asked to donate a piece for a second time. Four total pieces by four separate artists were auctioned at the New York Public Library in Manhattan on June 16, 2014. Longtime HGTV designer Genevieve Gorder attended the event with David.