Metal Gallery

In February of 2013, after a brutal winter in Upstate New York, David and his family decided to take a Sunday trip down to the city of Hudson, New York. They spent the day walking the entire small city. Seeing all the shops, and experiencing  everything the city had to offer. Through out the day there was an overwhelming feeling of welcome. David knew that if he were to find a space in Hudson it would open a new avenue for his work. While getting brunch at a local restaurant David spotted a space that had become available to rent directly across the street. 608 Warren Street. After acquiring the space David and his family began to renovate what was a rather 'fixer-upper'. David wanted to create a space where people, for the first time, could come and touch his work in person. After two months of renovation Metal by David DeSantis was opened in April of 2013. The gallery is operated by David and his son Joey.