David DeSantis is a master blacksmith and craftsman. He uses timeless traditional methods in order to create durable, and beautiful pieces that are meant to last a lifetime and beyond. In addition to working with metal, David also specializes in other materials, including prized woods, parchment, as well as exotic skins.

Although David is committed to staying true to traditional blacksmithing, he also loves to embrace innovative ideas and solutions, particularly when it comes to catering to the custom requests of his clients. Every single item coming out of his workshop is fully customized, to the needs and requirements of the buyers.

Throughout the years, he has been able to work in close collaboration with designers and architects, providing stunning custom, handmade pieces and accessories for homes, offices, retail locations, and more. David’s works can be admired in various places throughout the country, and he also created pieces for high-profile brands the likes of John Varvatos and Genevieve Gorder, only to mention a few. David meticulously designs each piece before initiating the crafting process, ensuring top quality from conception to completion.

Metal By David DeSantis is a family-run business, with David’s son, Christian, and shop manager Malachi Butler serving customers to the highest standards possible.